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     If you're going to sell your home in the next 12 months what you do right now to prepare for the sale could make the difference of Thousands of Dollars.

Now you can get a FREE over the phone or by email an estimate of your home's value plus tips on how to prepare your home for sale.

  • Find out how much your house is worth compared to others in today's market.Plus find out how much you  will " NET" after the sale or receive in cash
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  •  Loaded with inside Realtor tips to help you decide  which Fix-ups will give you the best return on your investment as you prepare your home for sale to help you net the highest amount of money.  Many of the good folks I have helped sell their home have told me this report really helped them understand what was the best things to do before they put their home on the market and what was not worth doing !  

I love my job ! When you love what you do, you naturally do a good job. Call me I would love to help you with the sale of your home.  There is no cost & no obligation.

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Fall River Short Sale HELP IS HERE-

  You are not alone.  Many home owners are in the same boat as you. The economy, high cost of living, job losses and loan adjustments have forced many home owners to fall behind on their mortgage payments. See testimonials from some of the many good folks I have had the pleasure of helping sell their home " short " oweing nothing to the bank and moving on to a better future. 

" Unfortunately due to the economy my daughter and I had no choice but to give up our home. Karen was very helpful and understanding during this difficult time. She was not only our real estate agent, she was our friend. Thanks again Karen"  Fall River MA short sale Home Seller

 " Due to divorce I had to sell my home " short " As a real estate agent myself, I chose Karen to handle the sale, I knew she had helped many others with a Short sale. She helped me save my credit & move on with my life. Swansea, MA short sale seller

" Karen Saved Us " we were loosing our home because of our medical bills and not being able to rent out an apartment in our 2 family, we did a short sale with Karen, 2 years later our credit is in the 800's and we are looking to buy an affordable home using Karen to help us again .  Fall River Ma short sale seller

  You do not have to let your home go into foreclosure. As a CDPE- Certified Distressed Property Expert, I am Trained in helping home owners in distress avoid Foreclosure. You have options: 

 If you must sell your home  I invite you to give me a call to discuss other options available to you. I understand what you are going through.  All inquiries are in the strictest of confidence. You can reach me at 774.930.8181 phone or text  or Contact me .

Home Owners that must sell, that do not have equity in the home, meaning they owe more than the home is worth,  should consider a Short sale. When you do a short sale Your lender pays the real estate agent & other closing costs. This means  I can help you for No Cost.

 A "Short Sale" will avoid the embarrassment, humiliation and stress of a foreclosure and have less of an impact on your credit.  In a Short sale you put your home on the market with your Realtor, starting at market value. When a buyer is found the paperwork is submitted to your lender, asking your mortgage holder to take less or "short" of what is owed to them. Lenders prefer a short sale because it saves them time & money. As your RealtorI market the property agressively and work closely with an attorney that handles the short sale for you,( There is no fee for my services or the Attorney ) Using an attorney gives you a layer of legal protection... at no cost to you !

 Benefits of Short sale over Foreclosure.

 In a Short sale:

* negotiate with the bank (s) to pay all fees including real estate agent & Attorney

* seller's credit bruised 

* Most likely will not have income taxes due ( seek an accountant ) tax laws change often

* peace of mind, move on with your life for a better future for you and your Family, You are more in Control, You have a decision in the sale/move date.

* buy a home sooner and in the meantime it will be much easier to rent a home

* liens negotiated, request lender to forgive the debt. Most cases your loan is " Forgiven" no liens

* May be eligible for up to $3,000 to help with moving costs. ( I recently got a family $675. check to help move,  $1500 in water/ sewer bills paid and back real estate taxes paid up to date .  

 Public Foreclosure

* Notice of Default, then foreclosure notice, auction notice and court settlement advertised in the local newspaper (embarrassing)

* A foreclosure is considered one of the most serious defaults possible on a credit history. That could make it difficult to rent an apartment,secure a job, get a line of credit, Co sign on a childs education or car loan or buy another home in the future.  Some insurance companies also charge higher rates for persons with bad credit. A foreclosure could affect you & your family's life for years to come.

* Bank most likely will file a Deficiency Judgement against you. In addition to the money they lost on the loan amount. All fees will be added. Including the Auction, Hefty attorney fees, taxes, realtor commissions etc. They want you to pay the money they lost back. You are obligated to repay the money. Estimated at $30,000 for most lenders to foreclose added to amount they lost on the mortgage.

* Auction on your front steps while you are still in the home

* No peace of mind- Can be put out of the home on short notice by a Sheriff at the door

* Cannot buy a home again for 5 years -10 years

* all liens exhausted

 Call or Text me today at ( 774 ) 930-8181 for more information All calls are confidential and you are under absolutely no obligation. Or  email me

* Disclaimer:  This information is provided to give you an idea of your options. I strongly advise you to seek legal, tax and other advice from professionals in those areas.

ReMax Right Choice  is not associated with the government,All efforts will be made to obtain the best outcome for you.  Your lender may not agree to change your loan.

Karen Ann Martin Realtor CDPE- Certified Distress Property Expert trained in Helping home owners in need avoid Foreclosure . 

Re/Max Right Choice Real Estate Fall River MA Short Sale Resource

 Call me today the worst thing you can do is nothing   (774) 930-8181

  I understand this is a sensitive time for you & am compassionate to your needs.  I have helped many good folks like yourself, sell their home ' short " owing nothing to the bank & getting them debt forgiveness. All for NO cost .  

 Another Testimonial from a wonderful family I had the pleasure of helping : 

  Thank you so much for all your hard work & dedication, going above & beyond, taking our family under your wing & always having our best interest in mind. Thanks for always answering my hundreds of e-mails, messages & phone calls (even when you were on vacation) . You have truly become a family friend.  Santos Family Fall River Ma 

You can read more testimonials on my website www.KarenMartinHomes.com plus on Trulia & Zillow. 

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 Let me help you and your family move forward to a better future.

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