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Karen Anne's Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce REcipe

Many of my friends & clients have asked for my recipe for Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce featured in the June Newsletter so I have included it on my website for all to enjoy. If you would like my free newsletter filled with home tips & money saving ideas just email KarenMartinHomes@gmail.com or call text 774.930.8181

2Lbs. Hamburg                            2 Lg. Onions-minced

5 T Ketchup                                6 T Water    

 1 T Hot Sauce                            2 T Worcester Shire sauce

2 T Gravy Master                        2 t. Chili powder

¼ t. Black Pepper

Lightly brown Hamburg & onion in large fry pan, Remove from heat. Grind mixture in food processor. Return to pan & simmer adding spices to taste. Stir & Simmer 40 mins.

Separate into four containers, freezes well